Some barriers are mental. Others are physical. To overcome both and evolve you need the motivation and a superior training program designed for you.

The challenges you face in the gym are no different than the ones you face in real life. It’s not because a great body makes life easier. It’s because the mindset it takes to transform your body will make you an unstoppable force. Willpower, determination, and mental toughness are the elements you need. And yet, most of the programs you follow have you crawl to results. It’s a watered down approach that tries to simplify the reality of what it takes to build muscle, slash fat, and become who you want to be.

Evolution is about change. It’s about raising your own expectations. It’s about pushing yourself past your realm of perceived potential and becoming greater than you ever thought possible.

Evolution is making a commitment to work with the best so that you can become the best. No lies. No gimmicks. Just honesty, compassion, and hard work.


No tricks. No gimmicks. Cancel anytime.

"I want you to look at your failures, embrace them, and immerse yourself in them. Then I want you to use that pain as fuel and set up this one seemingly simple goal: What can you change in a year?" - Joe Manganiello


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The 6 week workout routine from the Evolution book that evolved Joe Manganiello into being one of Men’s Health’s 100 fittest men of all time.

Take your program to the gym on the Evolution App. Have a question about an exercise?
Stream the entire Video Library through your phone.


11 more weeks of daily programming to aid you in your continued evolution.

Store your light, moderate, & heavy weight settings for each exercise in the App so you never forget where you’ve come from and where you’re headed.


Over 90 exercise demos performed by Joe Manganiello and coached through proper technique by Celebrity Trainer and Crossfit Games Athlete Ron Mathews.

App timer keeps you accountable to rest time between sets.
No more slackin’ off at the gym.


"You owe it to yourself to know, once and for all, how far you can go. I want you to look in that mirror and love what you see, inside and out." - Joe Manganiello