How do I cancel my subscription?

Use any of the following methods:

  • From the EVOLUTION 3:59 app, open the menu > Settings > Manage Subscriptions > Open in “iTunes Store”? > Open > Use the iTunes Store to manage or cancel your subscription.
  • From a browser, click here to manage or cancel your iTunes subscriptions.
  • Follow the instructions on Apple’s website: View, change, or cancel your subscriptions

Women Modifications

For women who are following the program, you are of course free to follow the programming as written. Here is a quick but very effective alternative to each workout: Lower the weight 1 tier (heavy to moderate or moderate to light), decrease the rest interval to 30 seconds and increase the times through each couplet or triplet by 2. For example, if you see 4 times through DB Bench Press and Curls you would go through 6 times instead with 30 seconds rest between sets. The timer goes to 1 minute, so you will have to switch back to the working screen at 30 seconds, or use a different timer. -Ron